About us

Used furniture from Belgium - unique interior for everyone - classic, luxury,
durability, quality and exclusivity for your home. Even if you are not planning
a radical change in your home, a beautifully designed armchair or coffee table
can just magically revitalize your space and become an eye-catching
accent to your room.

WWW.BUDAPESHTAS.EU offers you to buy used furniture from Belgium for:
wardrobes, beds, sideboards, chests of drawers, living room and bedroom sets,
and home decor. Here you will find good quality furniture for homes, offices,
farmhouses and bungalows at attractive prices.

We are located in a strategically convenient location near the Latvian border.
Distances to our warehouse: Tērvete ~ 13 km, Augstkalne ~ 14 km,
Kroņauce ~ 29 km, Dobele ~ 29 km, Eleja ~ 43 km, Jelgava ~ 71 km,
Bauska ~ 78 km, Jūrmala ~ 94 km, Saldus ~ 97 km, Riga ~ 117 km,
Skrunda ~ 126 km, Talsi ~ 140 km, Ogre ~ 141 km, Kuldiga ~ 146 km,
Aizkraukle ~ 167 km, Sigulda ~ 188 km, Žagarė ~ 7 km,
Joniškis ~ 26 km, Naujoji Akmene ~ 39 km.

We emphasize that in reality the shades of furniture may differ slightly
from those in the pictures. Because the customer is the most important to
us and we do not sell 'cats in on black bag', you can only buy furniture by
visiting and visiting the warehouse.
So please find a way to come (paved access to the warehouse)
and have a look at the furniture live. Call or write before arrival and
suggest an appointment. We will reserve the furniture.

Special offers for you, dear customers!
You have found what you are looking for, but are currently in the process of
repairing or have no place to put furniture. However, you do not want him
to leave other homes. There is nothing to worry about. We will be happy
to keep your item for free for 30 calendar days.
Maybe a dear person (dad, mom, sister, etc.) is approaching a feast and
want to leave an unforgettable impression, buy furniture-gift and we will
arrange delivery to the right place at the right time for your loved one.
We're waiting for you.